The creators of the panacea of the future: who are they?
Where to go for studying today to create lifesaving medicines
"The smart chemists and pharmacists are trained in Ukraine", – said Dmitry Shimkiv, the head of Darnitsa Group`s board of directors, in the recent interview with The Ukrainian technologists are being "hunted" by the foreign competitors of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical giants.

The qualified professionals, modern equipment and the latest technologies allow to create almost any kind of medicines in Ukraine. The only problem is that the volume of investment for development is still unaffordable for the Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies.

According to the research by Top Lead (conducted with the support of Darnitsa pharmaceutical company and Aequo attorneys at law) global pharmaceutical companies spend an average $ 500 million to create a single medicine, conduct it through all clinical trials, register and put it on the market.

Therefore the Ukrainian pharmacology is focused on the production of generics — it follows the global trend when developed countries stimulate the production of authorized copies of original drugs, that are equally beneficial either for patients or the country and manufacturers.

However, the balance of demand and supply in the labour market of the pharmaceutical industry may be disrupted in the future. According to Shimkiv, a technologically complicated production process has been constructed, analytical chemistry is used and elements of complex calculations as well, experiments and clinical trials are conducted.

Digitalization, automation and robotization of manufacturing processes, Big Data — all that has been already implemented or is being implemented at the manufacturing facilities of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical giants. Leading global companies are partners for the pharmacists in this process. For example, "Darnitsa" in conjunction with SAP and Microsoft has implemented the project of migration of ERP platform into the Azur cloud. Today, the company implements electronic document management together with Opentext, Stratesys and SAP.

The Ukrainian drug manufacturers should be ready to face the new challenges in a few years — when robots, artificial intelligence and complicated analytical systems try to replace pharmacists, senior pharmacists, and pharmaceutical manufacturing technologists. tried to find out how today`s students, who dream of creating the magic pills against all diseases, can compete with the latest technologies, and which professions in the pharmaceutical industry will remain in demand in the future.
Shortage of experts: who is Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry looking for today?
The pharmaceutical market in Ukraine is growing rapidly: over the past three to four years, medicines sales have increased by 15-20 % each year. Labour market grows by 8-10 % annually. And this stimulates the personnel shortage.

"Ukrainian doctors and pharmacists are in demand either at home or in Europe, Asia and around the world. Poland, the Czech Republic, the Baltic States, and Slovakia reduce the barriers for our experts to enter their market: they accept diplomas and become less critical about language knowledge. There are many good offers abroad for the qualified expert", — Andrei Anuchin explains.

According to the HeadHunter recruiting portal, the largest demand for the pharmaceutical industry is in the field of medical representatives, senior pharmacists, pharmacists, and clinical research experts.

"The requirements for experts of preclinical and clinical research departments, pharmacology experts include higher medical, chemical, pharmaceutical, biological (biotechnological) education; English level not lower than Intermediate; knowledge of regulatory requirements of GCP, EMA, FDA and local legislation; the ability to work with large volumes of specialized information", — says Juliia Drozhzhina, head of the expert-analytical department.

According to her, technological engineers, biotechnologists who have working experience with engineering or manufacturing equipment, possess knowledge of technical English, understanding of design approaches, etc. are also in demand.

EY Senior Advisor at People Advisory Services in Ukraine, Iuliia Golovko, says, that the professional and administrative personnel are in the largest demand: IT and SAP experts, tax accountants, recruiters, clinical research experts. There is also a shortage of middle management professions: pharmaceutical supervision managers, brand managers, managers for expanding sales markets, preparing and conducting tenders, etc.

However future is close — soon the mass of pharmacists will be replaced by multifunctional employees with new, wider competencies in adjacent fields.
Who will be in demand tomorrow?
As to the professions of the future, the fields of the largest demand are biology, IT, robotics technology, chemistry, management.

Christopher Pissarides
Nobel Laureate in Economics
However, identified by Christopher Pissarides fields are already closely intertwined in pharmaceutical manufacturing. The medicine can be added here as its synergy with pharmaceutical industry is quite obvious.

Medicine is actively merging with the biotechnological industry in field of pharmacology and the production of transplanted tissues and organs.

Various types of robots and cyber devices will be used in the diagnosis, treatment and prosthetics. The genetic code will no longer be considered as a complicated set of nucleic acids but will be an out-patient medical record for the whole life.

The opinions of the recruiters converge that the demand for the universal pharmacists with the additional knowledge and competencies will be increasing in the near future.

The modern experts should be competent not only in chemistry and biology but in computer technologies and management as well, possess knowledge of foreign languages and keep in step with global energetic and ecological trends at the same time.
What will be the pharmacists of the future?

The impetuous development of the pharmaceutical industry, innovations, the development of new products and solutions will lead to the situation our sector will focus on attracting experts in the field of the intellectual property protection. Moreover, digital marketing experts, who able to deliver the information to the consumer all over the world, will be the main linker between the manufacturer and patient due to the development of digital technologies.

The development of technologies will lead to the increasing demand for professional technologists and engineers in the industrial robotics. And, of course, the future lies with the innovators — people, who able to generate the new approaches in medicines production, biopharmacists and the developers of complex approaches for healing different diseases.
Tatiana German
HR Director, "Darnitsa"
The experts of the World Economic Forum did not distinguish the pharmaceutical industry among others in their report about the future of the labour market. However, the most promising professions until 2022 were designated in the chemical industry and medicine, that are intersecting with it.
TOP-10 professions of the future in the adjacent to the pharmaceutical industry fields according to the experts of the World Economic Forum
There is also renewed forecast for the labour market in the future — Atlas of Emerging Jobs, developed in 2016. It outlines trends in the labour market until 2030 and compiles a list of the most perspective professions for this period.

We have selected those professions from the atlas, that are directly connected within drug development based on the manufacturing modernization and digitalization in the pharmaceutical industry.
The creators of the medicines of the future
What professions will help to create the medicine against all diseases in the future
Designs new biological drugs with desired properties or replaces artificially synthesized drugs. Today, a number of important drugs (such as penicillin and insulin) are produced using genetically modified bacteria.
Bioethics expert
Bioethics is a section of applied ethics, a philosophical discipline that studies the problems of morality (first of all, regarding a person) and determines which actions are acceptable from the moral point of view and which are not. Not a single advanced laboratory can work without bioethics consultations — especially in cases regarding organ cloning and serious interference in embryo genes.
Genetic consultant
Genetic consultant, who performs the initial and planned genetic analysis, processes data from diagnostic devices and gives a conclusion, recommendations on the further treatment algorithm, can also help in creating the drug of the future. Genetic analysis allows to identify tumour markers, diagnose hereditary diseases, and develop drugs within this research.
Bioinformatics expert
In the non-standard course of the disease, this expert constructs a computer model of its biochemical processes in order to understand the disease initial causes, and to identify violations at the cellular and subcellular levels. In the West, this profession has existed for more than a year and is designed to maximize the use of all the accumulated information and choose an individual treatment method for a particular patient.
Molecular nutritionist
This expert treats the metabolic disorders and helps to select a nutrition plan based on data on the meals molecular composition, taking into account the results of personal genetic analysis and the special features of his physiological processes.
Developer of implants and bionic limbs
This expert develops functional artificial devices (bionic limbs) and organs compatible with living tissues. This field is developing very quickly: electrical stimulator implants are being developed for paralysed patients. A few years ago, a bioimplant has appeared, which works like an artificial eye, and bionic limbs perform increasingly complicated functions.
Constructor of nanochemical materials
Engaged in modeling the properties, predicting the life cycle of nanotechnological materials with using digital models. Highly professional programmer with good knowledge of nanophysics and nanochemistry.
Pharmaceutical marketing expert
The pharmaceutical market is currently experiencing a boom associated with the entry of a huge number of foreign medicines into the market. And this means that the field needs the marketing experts as marketing is one of the main elements of business processes of any company.
A doctor, who specializes mainly in medicines, understands their properties and the benefits of prescriptions.
The legislative changes that significantly reformat the work of medical and sales representatives can affect the labour market in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as minimize their involvement in the work.
These are key account managers. Experts in e-commerce and digital area, product and brand management experts will also be in a trend. Prescription medical specialities will be growing and developing

Irina Basenko
Head of PwC HR Department
The next 2-3 years, labour market of the pharmaceutical industry will continue to be in short supply. But there comes an era of artificial intelligence, manufacture mechanization and robotization, the chat bots implementation in the promotional process for the medicines sale, the direct communication with doctors. The people will be displaced from the market by these trends. Pharmaceutical product promotion departments will begin to lay off the staff dramatically in 5-7 years.
The labour market will also be affected by the reinforcement process when the cost of medicines is reimbursed to patients. In this case, the need for medical representatives and pharmacists will disappear. They will be replaced by robots.

Andrei Anuchin
The Director of "Pharma Personnel" Agency
There is no effect without skills
This list can be supplemented by industry experts in management, control, accounting and other positions typical for any kind of business. However, to be successful in 5-10 years, today's managers and inspectors should increase their knowledge base with additional skills and competencies. What kind of? The answer we can also find in the Atlas of Emerging Jobs.
TOP-10 skills for Emerging Jobs
Operational mindset
Intersectoral communication
Project management
Work with people
Customer focus
Lean manufacturing
Art skills
Artificial Intelligence
Multilingualism and multiculturalism
Researches from the Institute for the Future for the University of Phoenix Research Institute note in their report regarding labour market of the future, that in addition to the mentioned above skills the ability to create senses, social intelligence, computational mindset, media literacy, interdisciplinary, capacity management and virtual cooperation will play a huge role.

In general, the main trend and skill that guarantees successful employment in the future all over the world is called multifunctionality and the ability to adapt quickly to the changing circumstances. As the employees of the new generation will not be constructing the career in a single industry, according to Simon Bartley, the WorldSkills International president.
"In my opinion, people will have 4 or 5 different professions in the future, and 20-30 different jobs inside it. When I was young, most of the people had been developing within the same profession through all their life, and every 4-5 years they moved to another position — for example, from manufacturing to marketing, within the same company. I think that people will be able to change the employer easily in the future and flip to another professional field as well, in fundamentally different activity directions. Take pauses in a career, long vacations, return to the studies at any age will become normal. The world of working professions will undergo fundamental changes. It is already different compared to the time I have begun working, but more changes are ahead".

Simon Bartley
Президент WorldSkills International
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